jongfused asked:

August! If Jongin ever ripped off his flesh to show me that he looks the same, but only had one eye. I would hand them an eye patch and smile sweetly so he wouldn't feel embarrassed, but on the inside I would be like OH SHIT!!!! YOUR EYE!!!! (but that'll only last for a moment) I would give him a gentle kiss and say "It doesn't matter what you look like. I will always love you."

ihaveathingforexo answered:

LOOOOOOOOL. XD “OH SHIT YOUR EYE—but only for a moment.” XD You’re pretty chill about this…if my bae ripped off a flesh mask and he turned out to only have one eye, I think I’d be freaking out for at least a good 10 minutes. XD

Kai: *kisses you back*

Kai: I’ve always felt like I’m missing something…

Kai: But it turns out that what I was missing wasn’t an eye.

Kai: …I feel complete now…

Kai: …because I have you. :)

Kai: *winks with his single eye^