Michael Salisbury
Chicago, IL
Canon 5D Mark III

How does your day job in Systems Engineering reflect in your work? Do you think it helps you see the world in a more calculative way? Tell us about your thought process.

I think my role as a Systems Engineer ties in with my overarching passion for technology in general. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been playing with computers, building systems and taking things apart to understand how they work. That fascination at a young age led me to my degree in Network Engineering and finally my job as a Systems Engineer. Digital photography has always been a way to express my knowledge of technology through a creative outlet. 

Technical understanding of things is important to me. I think knowing what your camera is doing under the hood is a great way to bring a passion for photography full circle. Understanding things like how chromatic aberrations are formed, how a CMOS image sensor works or even how autofocus works can make someone a more well rounded photographer. I feel being good at photography stems beyond just taking good pictures, understanding how your gear works is a huge part.

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